American Idol Favorites

Remember American Idol? Back when it was in its prime in the early 2000s. You know, back when everything was in its prime. Just Kidding, Just Kidding. Any who back to American Idol. I used to love that show. Mostly because it helped me make memories with my mom. She used to let me stay up late with her to watch it even though it aired on a school night. “Gabri, American Idol is about to start.” she’d yell from the kitchen to me while I was playing with my little brother in his room. Then she’d pop a big bowl of buttery popcorn. As soon as I smelled it I’d head for the living room and sit on the couch. After a couple minutes she’d join me. And the iconic theme music would begin.

The audition episodes of the show were fun to watch, but I liked the ones after that. Because then I could ask my mom if we could vote for a contestant on her old flip phone. She wouldn’t always say yes, but sometimes she would and thats what counts. I dreamt of the day I would get my own ticket to Hollywood. Then I grew up a little and realized “singing” was not a skill I’d be able to add to my resume. Even though I don’t live at home, when I go back my mom and I still watch the new seasons of American Idol together. As a show it’s not the same anymore. However, being with mom watching it still feels as fun as it used to. Lots of artists were discovered on that show back in the day. I wanted to name a few of my favorites here. 

Kelly Clarkson. The queen of American Idol. She is my mom’s favorite singer, and for good reason. Her vocals are amazing and she sings every song with passion. 

Carrie Underwood. I don’t regularly listen to country music, but “Before He Cheats” is iconic. 

Adam Lambert. Even though he didn’t win, he is my favorite American Idol. He has an interesting sound, he is an entertaining performer and his song “If I Had You” is extremely catchy. 

Jordan Sparks. Battlefield, Tattoo, One Step at a Time. Need I say more? 

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