Do I Deserve the Right to Claim New York: A Case Study

My name is Gabri. I was born in Brooklyn, New York. Right after my 9th birthday, my parents decided it was time to move to North Carolina. The move was rough, I missed my cousins and my Nonni. I had a hard time making friends at first. My classmates would introduce themselves to me and ask where I was from, I’d say “New York” and they would respond with “What?! Really?” This was awesome because my 9-year-old self finally found something that other 9-year-olds thought was cool (can’t say that it still has the same effect though). As the years went on I started to wonder, for how much longer could I claim to be a New Yorker…. 

 I’ve heard that there is a list you can check off to see how “New York” you are. The first thing on that list is “Do you get cold?” Well… when I open the weather app in the morning, if the temperature is anything below 65 degrees I grab a sweater, but hey, sometimes there’s a breeze outside, you’ve gotta be prepared. No, I’ve never been to a Yankee game, but my family is a soccer family so I don’t think that counts. I vaguely remember visiting the Statue of Liberty as a child and I do not own an “I heart NY” t-shirt. Giving myself a point for that one. I’ve heard that New Yorkers hate Times Square. I love it. But, I want to work in advertising and Times Square inspires me. Adding another point. I know for a fact that New York-style pizza is the best style of pizza. Lastly, New Yorkers are always in a rush, and I get frustrated when people in front of me are walking slow. I’m going to give myself two points there.  

So am I too many years removed? Or do I have enough points to pass? I think I am going to claim New York, even if it doesn’t claim me.