Billie Eilish’s Brother’s Girlfriend Inspired Me.

For someone who loves having notebooks, planners, and making lists, It’s hard for me to admit that finding a way to keep my “to-do’s” in one central location has been a challenge. I’ve tried sticky notes, both virtual and physical, writing in a planner, using the notes app on my phone, but nothing has stuck… until a week ago after I watched a YouTube video. 

I was watching a Claudia Sulweski video, a YouTuber I’ve followed for as long as I can remember. Her latest upload was a home update vlog. In it, she talked about painting her home, her latest projects, and her bullet journal. Immediately after the video, I searched for the blank graph paper notebook I received as a souvenir after visiting a New York ad agency,  pulled out my pencils, pens and highlighters and began crafting my very own bullet journal (Don’t get me wrong Claudia has mentioned bullet journaling before, but for some reason this particular layout she had resonated with me). 

 So far, it’s been perfect. 

I found that the reason I couldn’t stick to a method before this one was that they didn’t fit my needs. Sticky notes weren’t versatile enough, planners had premade layouts with sections I didn’t need, and my phone wasn’t something I could use in any setting without seeming rude. 

Bullet journals offer the benefit of customization. 

Right now, my journal mirrors Claudia’s except I’ve added a “notes” block at the bottom of each page. I use the notes section to jot down, ideas for blogs, random grocery items, or other reminders I think of throughout the day.

Not only has bullet journaling made me more organized, but it’s  also helped my time management. All my main tasks are laid out by the hour, which makes it easier for me to know when I should stop working on one thing and move on to the next.

 If you are like me,  have a busy schedule and want to be productive all day, I definitely recommend bullet journaling (its also a fun craft project). 

If you’re not sure where to start, I will provide a simple supplies list below based on products I would purchase for myself. All of the items are from Amazon.        

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