Nonna is a Published Author!

I have been working on a project that’s been very special and important not only to me, but to my Nonna and family. It’s definitely been a long-time coming, but Nonna is finally a published author! 

I was sitting in her kitchen and she began telling me about how she had a written a short story. She told me how it was one of her dreams to publish a children’s book but that because she didn’t know English and never got an education, she wasn’t sure if it would ever happen. 

If there’s one thing my Nonna has taught me, it’s to never give up. 

After some research, I found that authors could self-publish on Amazon and that’s when it all began. I took her short story, translated it and published it! Today she has two books, a short story about a bunny named Giacomino (translated to English) and a book of poems she’s written (still in Italian), with a third on the way! 

I’d also like to give a big thank you to my friend and wonderful designer, Ebony Walton, for her time and creativity in helping design my Nonna’s book of poems, “Poesie di Grazia Passalacqua.”

Thank you in advance to anyone who purchases and reads Nonna’s story or poems; we truly appreciate you! 

Click here to check them out!

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