PoP CulTuRe

Did you all watch the Grammy’s a couple of weeks ago? Billie Elish essentially won it all. How about Justin Bieber’s musical comeback on Saturday Night Live?  Oh, and did you see UNC v. Duke basketball game? How about the experimentation happening with online dating using artificial intelligence

Finally, a job exists where it’s ok, actually, it’s encouraged, to be aware of these things. Too many times have people been made fun of for Keeping up with the Kardashians. I’ll admit, I did stop paying attention to trends for a bit because of the #haters. But you see, when I realized that I wanted to be a strategist I also realized that it’s important for me to be “in-the-know.”  After all, the biggest part of being a creative strategist is understanding people. If I want to do my future job well I have to know what people like and what they don’t like. And if I don’t know it’s my responsibility to find out. A lot of cultural questions can be answered by paying attention to what’s popular.

When it comes to trends and pop culture my curiosity has been reborn. I have lots of questions. With that being said, I want to work on broadening my pop knowledge every day, so if you have a hilarious meme, a cool new tune, or even a tech tidbit please send it my way.  

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