Instagram’s Latest Feature and Your Content

Content creators are constantly trying to work Instagram’s algorithm in their favor, but when it comes down to it, no matter how many changes Instagram makes the answer is always “create valuable content that resonates and you will reap the rewards.” 

Last Wednesday, March 23, 2022 Instagram launched its new feature allowing users the option to scroll through three separate feeds. The first feed is Instagram’s default, which users have been using for the past several years. The second is the user’s “Followers” feed and the third is their “Favorites” Feed. 

How does one get to the second and third feed? By tapping on the Instagram logo in the top left corner. Tapping will provide you with the following two options “Following” and “Favorites”. 

Image of Instagram interface depicting the location of the two additional feed options.

By tapping on “Following” the user will be taken to a feed set in reverse chronological order (throwback to early IG days) of posts by accounts they follow. 

SideBar: I’ve spent several minutes scrolling through this feed and did not come across a single ad. If you are advertising on Instagram, be aware because that’s one less impression right out the gate. 

By tapping on “Favorites” the user can select up to 50 accounts and curate an Instagram feed based on those 50 accounts they selected. 

So, what should brands, content creators, social media managers, digital strategists, etc, etc, take away from this latest IG update?

There are two variables at play here, Instagram users- those who dictate which content is good, and Instagram content- what’s being judged by the Instagram users. If you are working for a brand, put yourself in your follower’s (Instagram user’s) shoes. The follower likely categorizes the accounts they follow into three categories: 

  1. Family/Friends
  2. Influencers 
  3. Businesses 

If users adopt these new feeds in the next couple of years, the Instagram user will likely select friends/family as part of their 50 favorites, some influencers and some businesses. The rest will be excluded. When they are scrolling through their “Followers” Feed, the time of day that your content is posted will become increasingly important as the feed, as mentioned earlier, is in reverse chronological order. The upside to the reverse chronological order feed is that your organic content will have a higher chance of being seen.  

With that being said, it has become more important than ever to truly understand your audience and make sure that your content is offering them value, is engaging and is timely because the competition just became increasingly high.

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