Envision Carolina

Fall semester 2019, my NMTIFAMP ( New Media Technologies — Their Impact on the Future of Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations) class turned into a full functioning advertising agency. We were given the challenge of creating something-anything, to be placed at the entrance of UNC Chapel Hill’s campus, McKorcle Place. We then had to create a campaign from scratch and promote it.

Our campaign competed against the other section of NMTIFAMP. The more engagement our content received the more points our class received.

I was co-president of the strategy team. The most important thing to me was to make sure that our strategy was inclusive and thoughtful in all aspects of the campaign. We named our campaign ENVISION CAROLINA.

And yes, we won!

My specific responsibilities included:

  • Created and distributed initial Qualtrics target market survey
  • Analyzed survey to pull insights for creative brief
  • Helped lead team discussion
  • Ideated social media content

News skills I touched on through this project

  • Facebook ad center
  • Sprout Social