The Importance of Dipping Sauce


Chick-fil-A’s dipping sauce is arguably the best part of the Chick-fil-A experience and I had to learn that the hard way. 

In my sophomore year of college I signed up for a 24-hour marketing case competition, (intense? Tell me about it.) called Crash Campaign. It’s actually part of the reason why I want to work in advertising. I loved the experience so much that the next year I decided to apply to Crash Campaign’s planning committee. I was on the events and sponsorship team, so essentially I helped manage the budget, plan the logistics of the event, and gain sponsorships. I learned an important lesson throughout this planning process. 

Our main goal as the events and sponsorship team is to make it possible for everyone to have a great time and not feel like they are missing anything. 

You see when you’re planning an event for over 80 people, and specifically, when you are planning catering, there’s a lot to think about. One of those things, which may seem obvious, is making sure everyone has something to eat. Everyone.

For dinner on the first night of the competition, we catered chick fil a. All the participants were thrilled, and we were excited too because all of our hard work was paying off. But then I heard a comment. “Awh man there’s no sauce!?” And that’s when I learned the true importance of paying attention to detail and to never stop improving. We had sandwiches, we had salads for vegetarians and vegans, we had chips and cookies. Unfortunately, we did forget the sauce. More often than not, it’s the small things that make a big difference. The next year, I joined the planning committee again. We made a note of all the things that went well the year before and all the things we could improve on (like the sauce). And let me tell you, we did not forget the sauce.